From the desk of Dr. Peter Asselbergs:
Lifestyle choices
Making good lifestyle choices affects your sleep/wake cycle—and helps battle many diseases including heart disease and cancer, and relieves chronic symptoms that upset your well-being.
So choose a balanced life with physical activity, eat healthy, and pay attention to the natural rhythms of the body to function at your best. Fixing some symptoms — such as poor digestion, insomnia, even back, joint, and other aches and pains—may be as simple as making sensible choices.
Bad lifestyle habits
Risky health habits lead to sleepless nights and affect digestion and stress levels. Your tension may affect body alignment and your spine/back issues.
Changing your habits isn’t easy—but if you are
Overdoing it at work
Have too many commitments
Working late/starting early
Not enjoying enough downtime
Eating an unhealthy diet
Using excessive caffeine or alcohol
Have too many stresses …
Bad habits and digestion
Eating immediately before bed may give you a restless sleep and nightmares… certain food choices can make it worse.
To avoid digestive problems and conditions such as colitis and RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) that affect your sleep, state of mind, or other physical symptoms, the most important lifestyle choice you can make is to adopt a healthy and natural diet.
Colitis and food choices
Some foods and drinks over-stimulate the nervous system and may lead to a variety of intestinal and digestive disorders. This affects sleep and general health. Avoid high-protein foods just before bed and foods that contribute to colitis including dairy or highly-refined products, such as white flour/sugar-based and junk food.
Remedy for restless leg syndrome—it’s what you eat
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be linked to excessive stimulation by certain food products. Avoid excessive intake of stimulant or inflammatory food or beverages (i.e. caffeine, chocolate, or alcohol) from seven to 10 hours before going to bed.
Treatment for toxicity with Biomagnet®
Biomagnet® is also known to act as a detoxifier, minimizing acidity and helping your metabolism back to normal. It’s common for some patients to apply these products on the area of the liver to facilitate the elimination of toxic substances.
Lifestyle and insomnia
A number of other lifestyle tips that are related to sleep issues, but applicable to general health, are found on the InsomniaMag® page.